Buildings should ideally be washed every 2 years. Repainted every 8 to 10 years.

Hard Floor Wash

SWOBE carries out hard floor washing, cleaning of hard floor surfaces can be difficult.

Normally hard floors are cleaned by sweeping, vavuuming and moping, sweeping typically removes most of the loose debris from the surface, this can be done also by using a vacuum, advantage of the vacuum is that corners can be cleaned in a reasonable manner;

Mopping of floors is not as effective as it seems, with mopping, only a small percentage of grime is removed from the soiled surfaces, most of the grime is either moistioned in a manner that causes grime to increase the bind to the surface or simply is moved from A to B and not properly removed.

SWOBE has needed to clean many hard surfaces that were either soiled due to construction activities or simply had not been cleaned properly for many years of service.

SWOBE trialed many methods of effective floor cleaning, rotary brush cleaning equipment, many types of mops and/or mopping buckets, scrubbing techniques. The most effective manner of cleaning is the use of a counter rotating brush machine.

SWOBE initiates a clean by sweeping, the bristles of the broom are effective in loosening some debris or bacteria from the surfaces, then I use a vaccum that has a rotating brush and excellent filtaration, my vacuum brand of choice is Sebo Vacuum Cleaners, in particular the upright models.   

Once I have swept and vacuumed it is then time to wash the floor, using a counter rotating brush machine, Hako Wizzard,  

 is the machine I have been able to afford, The counter rotating brush action scubs the hardened surfaces, be it tiles with grout lines, uneven vinyl, terrazo, polished concrete, timber or parquetry, counter rotating brush machine applies moisture with floor cleaner chemical and immediately picks up soiled moisture, leaving a very clean surfaces, the only problem with these types of brush machines is that they do not effectively reach the edges, this needs an additional scrubbing with a small rotating brush, I use a Ryobi product for this purpose.

Hardfloor washing requires a combination of tools that is not readily affordable to most, be it commercial cleaners or a domestic household. It is an investment to equip for hardfloor cleaning.

SWOBE has the necessary equipment and abilty to carry out this type of work.

Even in my home, where the floors are cleaned frequently, giving the floor surfaces a hard floor wash removes black, thickened soild water, jindicating to effectiveness of this type of hard floor wash and in particular to clean with this type of machinery from time to time.


Hard Floor Wash of rough surfaces tiles with deep grout lines.

Hard Floor Wash of vinyl commercial kitchen floor.

Hard Floor Wash of polished concrete retains a durable sheen.  


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