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Building/Wash Services -

My unique method of cleaning/polishing takes time and effort, time taken to do the work properly normally equates to the cost of services provided, as it is not possible to accurately estimate time it takes to properly deep clean soiled details, works need to be done methodically on an hourly rate.

Soft Wash of glass fro example improves the glass transparecny significantly, maintains a clean/transparent glazing for a prolonged period compared to glass cleaned by conventional window cleaning methods. Glass and surrounding framing looks really good, is appealing, when properly cleaned. Think of your vision through a pair of glasses, when the glass is clean and prescription is correct, your vision is clear, when glasses are soiled with an incorrect prescription your vision is reduced significantly, same goes with glass windows or doors for example, when properly cleaned they improve the vision through the glass and make viewing the exterior form the interior a lot more pleasing.

Glass that has been cleaned/polished to have many imperfections removed is clear as intended, pleasing to look through, I have the ability to remove many of the common imperfections that restrict the trasparency of the glass.

I have been forced to adopt change, my eye sight is no longer perfect, hence, after 30 years, I needed to stop inspecting buildings. I've chosen washing of building elements to create change for people. Work at my age now needs to be more enjoyable with a higher degree of work satisfaction, I choose to primarily focus on working with family. However I still enjoy doing some of my own work for personal satisfaction.

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SWOBE Welcome to my web site. Call Stephen Koelewyn on - 0418 274 099 (NSW Builders Licence 45109c)

As the founder/owner of Ausinspect, I had carried out non destructive inspections for 30 years, in the later years, Walk-n-Talk Video™ was added to written reports, that enabled clients to get a visual of many details observed. I also flew drones with thermal imaging for inspection of roof details.

Maintenance: Maintenance is key to durability of buildings, is key to health & wellbeing of building occupants, a good soft wash rejuvenates building elements.

Pest Control has been a life long passion, although my vehicle is well equipped to deal with any pest control matter deemed necessary, the ability to thoroughly clean the kitchen, undertake dewebbing, clean rodent run markings, clean flooring/drains for more effective pest control, termite control or inspections can no longer be undertaken. Call Steve for more detail.

SoftWash - Washing of building elements without use of high pressure washer, use of a high pressure washers can be very destructive to building elements, a soft wash not only improves the appearance of a building, but also increases the durability of the building elements, pest control treatments are more effective when combined with soft wash.

Hard Floor Cleaning - A difficult task is to properly clean hard flooring. Breaking through oily residues for example in food preperation areas, commercial toilet floors or cleaning a well worn floor has been  challenging, to say the least, Washing a floor properly improves health and ammenity whilst also improving the floors visual appeal.


Property Rejuvination

Pest Control - end of winter is near, time to consider your Pest Control needs!! a soft wash prior to applying pesticides makes any pest control a lot more effective as the soft wash significantly reduces insect food source/s for example, rare to have a pest controller carry out deap clean activities as part of his/her day to day pest control practice, can you really afford not to carry out prudent, timely Pest Control.

As a general rule of thumb, buildings should be washed every 2 years, repainted every 8-10 years.

Prudent to undertake timely maintnenance, well maintained building elements can easily last 100+ years.

Something to consider, you spend hard earned dollars on property improvements, only to have them deteriorate over time, rejuvenation will not only prolong the durability of building elements but also retain the value of your initial investment, can you really afford not to carry out prudent, timely maintenance.

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Stainless Steel - Most grades of stainless steel are prone to surface discolouration or corrosion over time, tea stains and mild surface rust together with grime build up cause the chromium in stainless steel to loose it's active layer, the stainless steel becomes active. I have a method I use to repassivate the stainless steel, effectively reoxidising the chromium in stainless to form the desired protective layer.

Colorbond Maintenance- Colorbond is a material widely used in buildings, external metal details need ongoing periodic maintenance. Colorbond should be washed with a mild soap then rinsed with water every 6 months according to Bluescope Steel Technical Bulletin 4 for Colorbond, if you want to mantain your colorbond details, I have the ability to provide a soft wash service that will increase the durability of your external colorbond details. Well maintained Colorbond can look good for many years when maintained properly.

Rejuvination - A proper wash & scrub of building elements generally restores components, my rejuvenation works make a huge difference, can be much cheaper than conventional renovation, also more environmentally friendly as materials that last longer generally do not need to be replaced, replacement generally creates debris/waste that inturn commonly goes into landfill.


SWOBE - Washes Building Elements

Soft Wash of Buildings is important to prolong the durability of building elements.

Colorbond type metals ideally need to be washed periodically, Bluesope Steel recommendes washing every 6 months based on Technical Bulliten #4, however, a wash once every 2 years is the general rule of thumb recomendation for washing the exterior of a building. Repaining of elements neeing painting should be done oince every 8 - 10 years.

Stephen Koelewyn washes with biodegradebale soaps, scrubs the exterior of buildings. This cleans accumulated dirt, over time, bacteria, fungi and lichen growth establishes in the dirt, it is the bacterias and accumulated salts for example that cause rapid detgerioration of metal finishes and can contribute to corrosion, hence the washing of these details is important.

Unfortunately, pressure cleaners appear to clean well, however, they blast off the dirt, blowing it to surrounds without sanitising, fungi and/or bacteria often restablishes quickly. Soft Wash with soaps is the preferable way to clean the exterior of a building.

Washing can be combined with genrtal pest control treatments provided by SWOBE.

SWOBE - Simply seeking to increase durability of building elements, motivated by technology & effective cleaning processes, simple ways to make a small difference every day 

SWOBE uses unique self formulated cleaning products that are bio-degradable and consist of a neutral PH, where necessary, I will alter PH to break down stubborn soiling.

SWOBE - Complex made simple. General Soft Washing & Asset Maintenance, Servicing - Urban - Residential - Commercial - Industrial

SWOBE - A quiet achiever, making the complex building matters simple.

SWOBE believes that Proper Cleaning by Soft Washing is more about creating a healthy environment for you, your home and most importantly, your family.

SWOBE has a good understanding of building and construction principles, micro enviroments that occur within a building and a good understanding of the fungi family allows for a more effective control of mould and other health hazards within and/or around buildings.

SWOBE - Stephen Koelewyn, is an experienced builder & pest controller who needed to change his work practices due to a chronic eye condition that restricted me from continuing to do inspections and some aspects of Pest Control.

I started doing pest control when helping my dad from the age of 9 (1969), that's more than 53 years ago, till this day, my passion still lies in doing pest related work. I still refer to myself as a Pesty even though I have had a long building career that started in 1977 to be proud of, I am a licenced, practicing, unrestricted builder in NSW. Builder Lic' 45109c - Stephen Koelewyn.

Stephen Koelewyn is a hands on tradie with a wealth of Building knowledge, been dedicated to the Pest Control Industry in Sydney for over 30 years.

Stephen Koelewyn no longer does inspections.

This site has been designed & created by Stephen Koelewyn

Not a Current Member of AEPMA Association.
Stephen Koelewyn - NSW Builders Licence 45109c - Building Consultant Licence BC213 (Now Obsolete in NSW) - Pest Control Licence - NSW 15-001467-004

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Last modified: 5 September, 2022